The Millennium Project: ‘2013-14 State of the Future’

2 Jun

Jerome Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project, will be presenting on the Executive Summary of the 2013-14 State of the Future report.

The ‘2013-14 State of the Future’ report offers a comprehensive overview of humanity’s situation, potentials for the future, and directives on what needs to be done today to account for these risks and opportunities. It is the Millennium Project’s 17th annual report card on the future of the world, and has accumulated intelligence from over 4,500 thought leaders selected by its 50 Nodes around the world to inform the report. It covers the global landscape with a short overviews, incorporating 15 global challenges including: energy, food, water, science & technology, ethics, economics, health, education, organized crime, decision-making and foresight, gender relations, demographics, war & peace, and others.

This in-depth analysis provides an ideal insight for busy executives, thought leaders, corporate strategic planners, public policy experts, policy advisors, non-profit issues organizations, teachers and professors of world issues, and anyone interested in a global overview with prospects for the future – with discussions of problems and potential solutions.

Read the full executive summary here.

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