This week’s hot links include: youth as a priority for the United Nations, inclusive development policies, social entrepreneurs and the role of policy in migrant decision-making.

17 Feb


Dejan Bojanic, board member of the European Youth Forum, writing for The Youth Assembly at the United Nation, Huffington Post discusses the role of youth in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. From a youth perspective he writes ‘The new agenda is transformative; the new agenda is universal! It brings together social, economic, and […]

‘Mapping the Path to 2030: Policy Instruments for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ Public Discussion at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy

29 Jan


Cat has been invited as a panelist to ‘Mapping the Path to 2030: Policy Instruments for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’, a public discussion at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy on 3 February, 1pm – 2:30pm in association with the School of International Futures and the Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative. With 70 participants […]

This week’s hot links include; the lifting of sanctions on Iran, the Gates Foundation and ordinary citizens in governance.

20 Jan


Suzanne Maloney writing for The Brooking Institution discusses how Iran’s nuclear agreement has led to historic sanctions relief from the international community. The release of five imprisoned Americans represents an Iranian retreat on an issue central to the worldview of the regime’s ideologues. These milestones represent a momentous step forward for Iran and the effort […]

This week’s hot links span global development, the refugee crisis and the end of China’s one child policy.

19 Nov

In Foreign Policy, the London School of Economics released a report that analyses the international system and the UK’s strengths, such as its multicultural society. The report sets out a new strategic global role for Britain as an agenda setter and coalition builder. For commentary on the report, Mary Dejevsky writes for the Guardian. The European Council […]

On the future of DFID and the ‘beyond aid’ agenda. A note from Alex Evans and Owen Barder

26 Sep

Alex Evans, Senior Fellow at the NYU Center on International Cooperation, and Owen Barder, development economist and Senior Fellow and Director for Europe at the Center for Global Development, submitted a paper to the UK Parliament’s International Development Select Committee last week, as written evidence to their current inquiry on the future of the Department for International Development (DFID) […]

Report – Women, migration and development: Investing in the future

25 Sep

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Last July Cat attended a two day conference in London jointly organised by CARE International, EMPHASIS and ODI, on Women, Migration and Development. Cat also curated the redaction of the Conference Report, read more to access the full report.

When Scotland Leaves the UK: a Wikistrat simulation

16 Sep

Earlier this year, Wikistrat ran a three-week long crowdsourced simulation to map the opportunities available to an independent Scotland, risks it might face and the likely trajectories it could take as a new state. Cat was the supporting lead analyst for this project.

China’s corruption scandals, US-Israel relations and fighting in Libya | This Week’s Top Hot Links #132

1 Aug

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at Xi Jinping’s unprecedented anti-corruption campaign and how his adversaries’ fear might bring them closer together. We then keep looking at China and how the slow embrace of internet by Chinese business should make productivity soar. The links also analyse Israel mistrust on […]