RANEPA – MGPP ‘2030 Greater Europe’ Live Challenge

22 May


As part of the Public Service Leadership and Strategic Management modules on RANEPA’s Master for Global Public Policy, the ‘2030 Greater Europe’ challenge was brought by a TaskForce Group.

RANEPA’s Master for Global Public Policy

22 May


Cat was invited as a Visiting Professor with Paul Davies to teach on an excellent course at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

IMEMO – Thinktank on International Relations and Strategy

19 May


Whilst in Moscow, I visited the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO) Thinktank on International Relations and Strategy.

This week’s hot links include financing water, inequality, growth and global strategy.

23 Mar


This week marked World Water Day 2016. The theme in 2016 — water and jobs — is focusing on how enough quantity and quality of water can change workers’ lives and livelihoods – and even transform societies and economies. Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York and chair of the […]

“Catching up in a Multipolar World” – Analysing Pakistan’s Economy

12 May


Mansoor Dailami is the Manager of the Emerging Global Trends Team of the Development Prospects Group at the World Bank. He is responsible for the monitoring and analysis of emerging global economic and financial trends that affect the prospects for developing countries’ growth, investment, and finance. Dailami has links with Cat in her capacity as […]

A New Europe? Shifting Power Politics in Europe | This Week’s Top Hot Links #123

12 Mar

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at US intervention in the Ukraine and the Middle East, with arguments for and against both. We also look at Britain’s place in the world as its defence budget shrinks, questioning what the effect will be on its armed forces and its current […]

Assessing the Impact of Russian Intervention in Crimea |This Week’s Top Hot Links #122

5 Mar

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia, and the strategies of the major world powers in response to this. It assesses the likely impact Russia’s actions has had, and will continue to have, on European order and European markets energy markets as […]

Debating the use of Cyberattacks as a Justified Humanitarian Intervention |This Week’s Top Hot Links #121

26 Feb

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at the trouble facing democracy in the EU as political crisis hits its newest members. We also look at the debate over cyberattacks as a justified humanitarian intervention tactic in the wake of the ongoing conflict in Syria. In addition, this week’s links […]