The Emerging Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean Region

23 Jul


On the 27th July at the Army and Navy Club, Jonathan Ward, Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Changing Character of War Programme, discusses The Emerging Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean Region.

New ASAP Delphi Study on Illicit Financial Flows Post-2015

3 Jun

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Academics Stand Against Poverty is conducting a Delphi study on the best way to tackle illicit financial flows through the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Illicit financial flows are international movements of funds illegally earned, transferred or utilized. Examples include the proceeds of crime and corruption and funds involved in tax avoidance and evasion schemes. […]

Conclusions from Illicit Financial Flows – October 23rd

5 Nov

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On 23rd October, Academics Stand Against Poverty collaborated with its partners, (KCL, UEL and the University of Notre Dame) to present a conference on Illicit Financial Flows. Every year $1 trillion is spirited out of countries through corruption, money laundering and corporate tax evasion. Such financial losses aggravate poverty and weaken institutions needed to sustain […]

‘Ten Dynamic Priorities for New Election Manifestos’ – NHJ September Article

24 Sep


The big issue question today is how will UK ‘survive and thrive’ in the tough global swimming race? Whilst NHJ has continued to warn that the eurozone faces major adjustment sooner or later, and that the British economy is still some years away from safety, we have consistently maintained that UK has the intellectual, innovation, […]

‘Hope, Fantasy and…Reality’ – NHJ Explore National Economy

9 Jul


More people are more upbeat – at least about the economy – now than in the past few dark years. There are some emerging signs of stronger growth in UK, and the wider economic picture is marginally better than a few years ago – even though the debt levels and youth unemployment remain stubbornly high. […]

‘Stop Illicit Financial Flows in 2015’ – ASAP Launches New Campaign – Join Up Now!

4 Jun

Do Centralist American Policies Need a Turn to the Left? Debate Over US Party Politics| This Week’s Top Hot Links #83

13 Mar

‘GOODBYE 2012’ – NHJ Strategic December Security Memo

15 Jan