Buryatia Republic 2030 Roundtable

29 Jan


The Buryatia Republic, part of the former USSR, responsible for 25% of the world’s fresh water supply, held a 2030 future roundtable discussion at the Buryatia Republic office in Moscow. The discussion was ‘fascinating’ as there were insights from the world stage inclusion of international strategy and from a range of domestic perspectives; the Buryatian […]

OurKingdom feature ASAP UK Political Parties Poverty Audit

6 May

OurKingdom, the British section of openDemocracy, has featured an article about the ASAP UK Political Parties Poverty Audit. OurKingdom professes its goal as the questioning and investigation of power in the United Kingdom, whether public or secret, cultural or economic, from the perspective of securing and enhancing shared liberty The article is detailed below and may be accessed on […]

UNA-UK Political Parties on the United Nations

6 May


UNA-UK has written to UK political parties asking them for a clear statement outlining their vision for the UK’s relationship with the United Nations. The responses, listed alphabetically, are available below: The Conservative Party on the UN The Green Party on the UN The Labour Party on the UN The Liberal Democrat Party on the […]

ASAP UK Political Parties Poverty Audit

27 Apr

This week we posted to let you know that the ASAP UK Political Parties Poverty Audit has been launched. We urge you to get involved and find out how your vote will affect Poverty. With approximately 13 million people currently living in poverty in the UK, and less than 2 weeks until the elections, ASAP […]