No UK Strategy in a Post EU Britain

31 Jul


This short piece for Fromoverhere is based largely on a commentary sent to the Defence, Constitutional Affairs and National Security Strategy Parliamentary Committees as published on the DefenceSynergia website.

Brexit Another Strategic Surprise

23 Jul


The School of International Futures has published Professor Michael F. Oppenheimer’s, Clinical Professor, NYU School of Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs, reaction to the Brexit referendum and the role that strategic futures analysis could have played in anticipating and preparing for its outcome.

Youth Engagement and Brexit

22 Jun


Written by Raf Galdeano and Cat Tully, Accountability Advocate at Restless Development and political activist, just completed her first year at university, and founder of School of International Futures and formerly in the FCO and Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit respectively. Discussing the EU referendum, what it means for UK citizens – especially younger citizens – […]

“The Morning after the Vote: First Reactions to Britain’s EU Referendum”

18 Jun


As we approach the week of the British European Union (EU) referendum, the rest of Europe is also thinking and preparing for the outcomes and effects of the #brexit vote.

We Are Europe

31 May


Cat supports the We Are Europe campaign and encourages others to contribute as mobilising the youth vote is vitally important. We Are Europe is entirely focussed on this challenge.

This week’s hot links include gender development, innovation, brexit and the refugee crisis.

3 Mar


This week saw the publication of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals: gender equality at last? Daniela Rosche, Policy Lead, Quality of Aid and Corporate Affairs at Oxfam Novib. Rosche discusses how over the last five to ten years, Oxfam has become ‘more determined and more explicit in furthering gender equality and women’s rights.’ […]

Thoughts on EU stuff, including intergenerational equity and EU membership as a variably-valued asset

8 Jul


This month I attended a Gatehouse Roundtable event, which focused on ‘Brexit: What future for Europe and the UK’. The roundtable explored the declining British influence in the EU and the deficits of the current EU system, involving a lovely confluence of: a breakdown in relations between Germany and France; the issue of a democratic […]