‘Stop Illicit Financial Flows in 2015’ – ASAP Launches New Campaign – Join Up Now!

4 Jun

On Thursday 30th May, Academics Stand Against Poverty launched a new crowdfunding campaign: ‘Stop Illicit Financial Flows in 2015’. This project is targeting illicit financial flows: one of the most powerful structural forces keeping people in poverty.

Illicit financial flows play a key role in perpetuating poverty. Every year, $1 trillion are spirited out of developing economies through corruption, criminal activity, and tax evasion. That means that for every dollar developing countries receive in foreign assistance, ten dollars go out. This massive theft is made possible by tax loopholes and a global network of tax havens. Read more about illicit financial flows here. ASAP has brought together a team of world-class scholars and NGO leaders to craft a plan to curb illicit financial flows around the world, by closing down tax havens and bringing transparency to the global financial system.  UN agencies and member states are negotiating a global agenda for poverty alleviation, to be put into place in 2015, that will shape development priorities for the next two decades. Putting illicit financial flows on that agenda would catalyze global efforts to build a fair and transparent financial system.

ASAP are asking for your help to influence the post-2015 agenda.  They need to put this proposal on the desks of UN decision makers before the end of the year; to do that, they need to raise $15,000 to  lobby UN agencies and member states and build an online campaign to build grassroots support for a fair, transparent financial system.

To read more about the campaign and see how you can help please see the campaign website here.

See the campaign’s facebook campaign here.


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