In troubling times, academics must rally together…

20 Feb

For all of us concerned with poverty and global justice, these are troubling times indeed. In recent months we’ve witnessed resurgent nativism in world politics, intensified austerity, worsening refugee crises, and escalating geopolitical conflicts. At the same time, investigative journalism is in decline, and there is increasing skepticism toward the institutions of knowledge that hold power accountable. In the new world of “alternative facts”, xenophobic myths and climate denialism are flourishing.

We stand at a crossroad. It is more critical than ever for principled academics to stand together and produce strong, evidence-based opposition to the policies and narratives that further marginalize the vulnerable.

ASAP has been a leader in this effort since our inception and we are well positioned to act. Whether mobilizing scholars through innovative conferences, building partnerships between academics in the global South and North through our Global Colleagues programme, auditing the effects of political platforms on poverty or carrying the voice of academics to policymakers through open letters and petitions, ASAP has strived to forge connections and increase our collective impact in speaking truth to power on issues affecting poverty.

See what ASAP achieved in 2016

As our mission becomes increasingly urgent, we are introducing a powerful new platform to link justice-focused academics and produce the kind of international, interdisciplinary and collaborative research we need to push back against the destructive trends affecting the world’s poor. Look for a call for participation in the first of our new collaborative projects very soon!

In the meantime, please share this email with any colleagues who may be interested in joining our efforts and encourage them to sign up at The more academics we can mobilise, the more powerful our response will be to the challenges that lie ahead.

We thank you for your engagement and look forward to working together toward a more just and equitable world.

ASAP Executive Team:
Helen Yanacopulos, The Open University
Jason Hickel, London School of Economics
Cat Tully, Strategist and Independent Consultant

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an international community of scholars and researchers working to confront the rules and practices that perpetuate global poverty and advocate for targeted, evidence-based reforms.

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