IMEMO – Thinktank on International Relations and Strategy

19 May

Whilst in Moscow, I visited the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO) Thinktank on International Relations and Strategy.  Dr Feodor Voytolovsky, Deputy Director for International Politics of IMEMO, in conjunction with our advisor board chair, Mat Burrows, has been working on a great joint Russia – US foresighting project which has huge value. It is valuable in terms of substance, but also in providing a pretty unique space for exchange and dialogue in these difficult times. You can find it online here

Based in Russia, the IMEMO Thinktank offers distinctive insights and a helpful insight on how the world looks from the other side of the Urals. Issues we discussed included; oil price movements, the 1990s, Kosovo, relationship with India, concerns about the Arctic, open government and the Olympics.

Since returning to the UK, I have certainly picked up – perhaps having been sensitised and made more aware of it – the negativity and bias that many progressive Russians commented are part of press coverage in the UK and the wiser west about Russia. I certainly hope that we can do more to build respect and openness and perhaps more comprehensive and collaborative conversations about future trends and opportunities. And SOIF is planning a SOIFVladivostok with youth in order to engage young people from across Russia, Asia and Europe on their collective future.

Fedor’s latest book

Fedor’s latest book


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