Evaluating Elections in Europe and Egypt | This Week’s Top Hot Links #129

4 Jun

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs:

1. What impact has the Egyptian election had on local politics? Whilst on the surface, the election appears a clear victory for secular authoritarianism over moderate Islamism, Foreign Affairs explores the possibilities the new leadership will open up for extremist groups and al Qaeda, and the chances it may perpetuate a vicious cycle of violence and retaliation.

2. Who really won the European elections and what is the way forward now?

3. While Obama’s announcement about the amount of troops remaining in Afghanistan appears to be a relief to some worried about Taliban insurgency, the Economist argues that Obama’s policies in Afghanistan pay more to US political cycles than realities on the ground.

4. Foreign Policy argues that Obama is doing much better on the world stage than the critics of his foreign policy would concede. While conceding there are still issues that  need to be addressed, this author offers a concise defence of US foreign policy.

5. Here, Karen J. Alter questions whether America’s failed domestic policy could spur a new Cold War?

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