Council on Economic Policies is launched in Zurich

3 May

CEP council on economic policies  There’s a real need for a quality international thinktank to propose and promote the global economic governance arrangements that will make globalisation equitable and legitimate.

The Council of Economic Policies, established last week and led by a colleage,Alex Barkawi, does just that.  CEP focuses on three policy fields: fiscal, monetary and trade policy. Within fiscal policy, they will work on opportunities for tax reforms to support competitiveness, the creation of jobs, social cohesion, and the sustainable use of resources. The initial focus in this area will be on Egypt, South Korea and Switzerland. In the field of monetary policy, they seek to analyze the economic, social and environmental impact of quantitative easing. Effects on housing and commodity markets as well as on corporate loans and inflation is part of this analysis. As for trade policy, they will launch two initiatives – one on financial services and one taking a regional approach by focusing on the potential role of trade for development in the Middle East.

A better microeconomic understanding of measures to facilitate  a fairer distribution of the gains of globalisation is necessary as protectionist pressures continue to build.  There’s a good group of people working at CEP to play their part in building a greater knowledge base.  Good luck to them!!


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