Hammering the final nail in the coffin of UK party-based “democracy”

17 Sep

I am pretty sad to miss the Thursday 18th Sept 2014 referendum on Scottish independence– regardless of the result, it is going to be a momentous event. If only to see how Whitehall and the UK political system has managed to turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear.

When Scotland Leaves the UK: a Wikistrat simulation

16 Sep

Earlier this year, Wikistrat ran a three-week long crowdsourced simulation to map the opportunities available to an independent Scotland, risks it might face and the likely trajectories it could take as a new state. Cat was the supporting lead analyst for this project.

The business of charities is, in fact, political

4 Sep

New Minister for Civil Society Brook Newmark stated “that charities should “stick to their knitting” and keep out of politics. The new minister fails to see that one of the charity sector’s critical roles in society is as interlocutor and representative for those who are underrepresented or heard in the public debate. This is true […]

Wikistrat Release – ‘Britain Exits the European Union’

19 Sep


Cat recently carried out work on the Wikistrat report on possible scenarios if Britain left the European Union. As the Shadow Lead Analyst for this investigation, Cat highlighted the interesting process used to oversee the Wikistrat process and emphasised the conclusion emerging from the research.

PASC Calls for Government to Engage the Public in National Strategy

2 Jul


On Friday 28th June the Public Administration Select Committee released its publication: ‘Engaging the public in National Strategy’. It called for Government to begin to use opinion polling to understand better what the public want for the UK and to inform national strategy. It claims that Parliament should start to hold the Government accountable to […]

Thoughts on the PASC Report on Public Engagement in Policy Making

13 Jun

On the 3rd June, PASC released its report on the topic, calling for an approach to policy-making where public opinion, ideas and contributions are sought and welcome at all stages of the policy cycle. PASC says that Government should be able to demonstrate that it has adopted this approach alongside ministerial leadership and responsibility for […]

Vision and Strategy

31 May

NATIONAL VISION AND STRATEGY – AN ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINT What is a national “vision”? Vision is the big idea of foreign, domestic and national policy. It is the overarching concept that links ends, ways and means; the organizing principle that allows the state to purposively plan and prioritize the use of all instruments of power; it […]

Rapping about Scottish independence

21 May