Savitsky Collection Reveals New Collections!

5 Dec


During Cat’s silk road travels a couple of years ago, she spent six weeks in Uzbekistan, and has since remained highly interested in the area. One of the cultural highlights of the region is the Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art, which is home to the Savitsky Collection, and hosts the world’s second largest collection of […]

The Savitsky Collection in Uzbekistan: See it for Yourself

6 Jun

New biography on Igor Savitsky, a man who fell in love with a distant world

26 Sep

  I have talked in previous blog posts about the unique story of the adopted Karakalpak Ivor Savitsky and his museum.   His biography is now available.  “Igor Savitsky-Artist, Collector, Museum Founder” is written by Marinika Babanazarova, Igor Savitsky’s successor as Director of the Museum since his death in 1984 and published by Silk Road Media […]

The Savitsky Museum – under attack

6 Apr

The Savitsky museum was one of the most enjoyable features of my month’s stay in Nukus, Uzbekistan.  The story of how a collection of some 90 000 pieces of avant-guard Russian 20th century art ended up in some dusty dead end of central Asia  is one of the most romantic, heart-warming, and – I now […]

Monty Python does Kafka – Part one: from minor infraction to major disaster

29 Sep

I entered Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan on the 9th August, traveling by train from Turkistan to Tashkent. At no point at the border crossing (or during my earlier online research, travelling websites or in my guidebook) was there any information about any medication being illegal in Uzbekistan. 10 days later at the Uzbek/Turkmenistan border, in response to […]

Seduction through the ages of man, Central Asian Style

29 Sep


Teens: In a shared taxi to Chimbulak, Kazakhstan  Having just waited for two hours without success at the number 6 bus-stop, I shared a taxi up the mountain with a couple of 19-year-old Kazakh boys.  We had tried chatting when waiting at the bus stop, but found that I was probably better at Russian than […]

Monty Python does Kafka – a farce in four parts

28 Sep

In my summary to British Embassy Tashkent, I made the following observations about my impromptu stay in Karakalpakstan: I was well treated by the junior customs officials, who were professional and did everything to help (including arranging accommodation, providing food, etc). It’s a bloody mess, as you must experience the whole time. It was impossible […]

Beauty dos and don’ts of Central Asia

28 Sep


Dress material shopping in Turkmenistan Part of having fun traveling as a woman, is seeing how women in other cultures dress, beautify themselves, the rituals they follow and what they consider attractive. With that in mind, here are some insights on beauty do’s and don’ts in Central Asia. Don’t think you need to cover up. […]