New Psychoanalytic Organisational Consulting Services Available for Businesses

7 Mar

Ben Metz, a contact of Cat’s, and a consultant who has been supporting civil society organisations in the UK and internationally for over 20 years, is now offering a new range of Psychoanalytic Organisational Consulting services to social enterprises, charities and not-for-profit organisations across the UK and internationally. Ben has been committed to developing his understanding of psychological processes personally, in groups and across organisations for some years, and has trained at The Tavistock Centre, and is an associate member of APPCIOS, The Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings, a membership institution of the British Psychoanalytic Council.

This experience has led Ben to develop his own bespoke courses that aim to advise clients in understanding and addressing a range of challenges so their organisations may become healthier and more productive. Through this approach Ben assists people to improve their understanding of organisational dynamics in order to effect change and instigate new behaviours and innovations. Systems Psychodynamics, the core approach that he uses, draws direct parallels between the psychology of individuals and the psychology of organisations. Accepting this, within the context of one in four people experiencing mental health problems annually, and that these problems increase with social exclusion, it is simply astounding there are no psychological health services in the UK meeting the needs of civil society organisations.

Position on ASAP Board of Directors – Apply Now!

2 Feb

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is seeking volunteers for one-year renewable positions on its global Board of Directors. ASAP is an international professional association focused on helping poverty researchers and teachers enhance their positive impact on severe poverty. It has chapters in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Oceania, Spain, the UK, and the United States, with hundreds of members working and studying in universities, research centers and NGOs worldwide.

The currently 8-member Board of Directors is led by ASAP President Thomas Pogge (Yale University) and oversees all aspects of ASAP operation. The Board takes guidance from a 21-member Advisory Board which includes some of the world’s most prominent poverty researchers and development policy and practice experts. ASAP is expanding its Board to match expanding membership and activities. Applications are welcome from academics and practitioners who have a strong interest in helping promote positive academic impact on poverty alleviation. Specifically, the organization seeks applications for one-year, renewable Board positions in the roles of:

Cat Has Joined The ASAP Board

26 Nov

Cat has recently been appointed to the Academics Stand Against Poverty Board of Directors. Alongside a dedicated panel, she seeks to continue the work of ASAP in tackling poverty through academic research and outreach. As the current Co-Chair of ASAP UK, Cat has extensive experience with ASAP, and has been a major contributor to the organisation’s growing global network. Recently, ASAP UK hosted a very successful conference on Illicit Financial Flows and the impact this has had on poverty around the world. They were able to present their research and a proposal for institutional reforms that could become part of the post-MDG agenda.

Academics Stand Against Poverty Offering Exciting Range of Internships

21 Nov

Academics Stand Against Poverty is an international professional association that focuses on helping academics increase their positive impact on severe poverty. It does so by promoting collaboration among poverty-focused academics, effective outreach to policy makers and broader public audiences, and by helping academics turn their expertise into impact through specific intervention projects.

ASAP are currently seeking exceptionally talented and motivated students from around the world to join the ASAP team this winter. ASAP interns will join a global network of poverty scholars mobilising academic research to improve poverty policy and development practice. Whether contributing articles to Impact: Global Poverty, developing the ASAP website, or fundraising for ASAP projects, interns will help turn academic expertise into impact while gaining research and leadership skills.

The World’s Constitutions to Read, Search and Compare

28 Oct

Google have launched a new ideas supported project, called ‘Constitute’, ran by the Comparative Constitutions Project. The idea behind this project is to provide access to a wide range of constitutions from around the world, using a modern, clean interface that enables users to compare documents across a wide set of topics. Research is currently being carried out on the characteristics of constitutions from 1789, in order to provide information on the courses and consequences of such constitutional choices.

This is an incredibly useful site that covers 183 constitutions and 350 different themes, organised into topics such as the duties of a citizen and the role of the executive. It enables users to search by theme or issue, whether on something of personal, professional or academic interest. In particular, this site may be of interest to comparative political students and governance policy advisors, although will also appeal to those who just like to browse interesting international facts.

Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability Searching for Social Media Advocates

25 Oct

Climate change is here. Unless change happens now, the human species will be battered by heatwaves, droughts, rising seas and extreme weather. Do your part, gain invaluable career experience and earn some extra cash with the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability.

Launched this year, the Manifesto takes a different approach to safeguarding the future: they believe sustainability can only be achieved by urgently re-imagining and strengthening our democratic ideas and practices. Equally, democracy cannot last without a sustainable future.

The Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainabilit are looking for social media Advocates to help spread the word and support their online activities. If you are interested and would like to help manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or if you would like to help develop the website, please click here and get in touch by midnight, 10 November 2013.

Gender and Human Rights Fellowship at The Oak Institute

27 Sep

The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights at Colby College is conducting its search for the Fall 2014 Oak Human Rights Fellow. This year, the Institute are looking for a practitioner/activist involved in human rights protection in situations relating to gender. This focus is not limited to activism involving women – it also includes the protection of sexual minorities and activism on men/masculinity. We are particularly seeking activists working on sexual and reproductive rights, gender empowerment and education, human and sexual trafficking, activism against gender-based violence, gender and sexual based asylum, or gender and environmental rights.

Involve Programme Manager: Deadline 30th September

23 Sep

Involve is the leading UK charity promoting knowledge and world class best practice on the role of public participation in deepening democracy. They have an opening in a small team for a key appointment of a Programme Manager. At present, a major element of this role is work on Sciencewise – an ambitious multi-agency programme to promote and support public dialogue and engagement on issues of policy involving science and technology.

Deadline: noon on Monday 30th September 2013.