Launch of the 2014 Social Progress Index: Tuesday 8 April

20 Mar

The Social Progress Imperative is an organisation devoted to advancing human wellbeing by combining national social performance and capacity indicators with solutions-oriented outreach to sector leaders, and grassroots champions, in order to promote long-term, large-scale change.

On Tuesday 8 April, the Social Progress Imperative is launching its Social Progress Index 2014 at the Deloitte Auditorium. The Social Progress Index is an annual review that measures the performance of countries in terms of the quality of life of their citizens, using indicators of social and environmental outcomes exclusively. To effectively tackle the economic and social problems that challenge national stability and growth, both social and environmental factors must be measured. Covering critical issues such as healthcare, infrastructure and civil liberties, the Index benchmarks country performance to drive forward national debate and help prioritize investment decisions, and provides an invaluable framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress.

The Millennium Project Launch Latest Report: ’2013 – 2014 State of the Future’

17 Mar

On 20 March, 2014 the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars will launch the 2013-14 State of the Future report. This report integrates and distilles the rapidly changing global situation in technology, environment, social unrest, development gaps, security, energy, food, organized crime, gender relations, governance, health, education, and more. It gives an unparaelled overview of our current situation, propects, and suggestions to build a better future, plus the annual World Report Card of where we are winning and losing and the 2013 State of the Future Index. Chapter 1 on 15 Global Challenges provides a framework for understanding global change. Other chapters share international assessment of the causes of and solutions to the increasing problem of hidden hunger, vulnerable natural infrastructure in urban coastal zones, loan wolfs and individuals making and deploying a weapon of mass distrtuion, and the Global Futures Intelligence System. See more about the report here.

Wanted – Your views on how Strategic Foresight should be integrated into the academic field of International Relations – for #futureday

28 Feb

Is the academic field of International Relations losing out because it doesn’t embrace foresight thinking? What can we do about this? If you have views and thoughts on this, read on and fill out the survey.

This year, at the International Studies Association 2014 Conference, I am hosting a Roundtable on the use of strategic foresight in International Relations, entitled: ‘Spaces and Places: Geopolitics in an Era of Globalization’. The purpose of this Roundtable is to bring together International Relations scholars and practitioners to discuss the role of strategic foresight in international relations, and to strengthen the community of interest to take this endeavour forward. To prepare for this Roundtable I am conducting a survey on the practice of strategic foresight in international relations, and am seeking your views on this issue.

Strategic foresight approaches, when incorporated into long-term planning processes, can have significant impact on international policy-making. Looking beyond the shape of present challenges and opportunities to those rising up on the horizon is arguably an indispensable and necessary role of government. At this time of geopolitical uncertainty, there is growing interest in this approach to understand developments in the spatial dimensions of foreign policy. Yet foresight has a strangely marginal position in the International Relations academic sphere and is largely absent from most International Relations faculties and courses. Questions remain about the effectiveness of strategic foresight in influencing decision-making.

‘Basira Presents’: Film Screening of Binteen Min Masr- 27 February

13 Feb

On Thursday 27th February, Basira is presenting a film screening of Binteen Min Masr, with keynote speaker Shereen El Feki. Basira is a non-profit human rights organisation that promotes women’s rights in the Arab world, and promotes mutual understanding between Arabs and the Western world. This latest film screening is part of ‘Basira Presents’, a series of films being shown by the organisation to encourage a greater discussion on the key issues being presented by the films. Read more about Basira and Basira Presents here.

This latest event will follow the film with a discussion with Shereen El Feki. Shereen (@shereenelfeki) is the author of Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World, which was shortlisted for The Guardian First Book Award. Shereen started her career in medical science, with a doctorate in immunology from the University of Cambridge, before going on to become an award-winning healthcare correspondent with The Economist and a presenter with Al Jazeera English. She is the former vice-chair of the UN’s Global Commission on HIV and the Law, as well as a TED Global Fellow. Shereen sits on the board of a number of civil society groups working in the Arab region, among them Meedan and the Arab Forum for Freedoms and Equality. She also contributes to a number of publications, including The Huffington Post, International Affairs, The Independent, and has written and spoken widely on women, sexuality and HIV in the Arab region. With roots in Egypt and Wales, Shereen grew up in Canada; she now divides her time between London and Cairo. For more information, please visit

Women’s Health and Family Service Annual General Meeting: Thursday 13th March

2 Feb

The Women’s Health & Family Services is holding its Annual General Meeting and Volunteer celebration on Thursday 13th March. The WHFS is an advocacy and awareness raising organisations, that works to promote equitable healthcare for minority ethnic women and their families in Tower Hamlets and other East London boroughs. The WHFS are aiming to advance education among women before during and after pregnancy, as well as promoting equality and diversity by challenging discrimination and encouraging services which meet the diverse needs of the community. They offer a space to share experiences in order to bring about equality in health and well-being, and good relationships in the community.

Their Annual General Meeting is an opportunity to celebrate the volunteers of WHFS that help it carry out its valuable work and a chance to find out more about their Volunteer Health Hub.

Prospect Pioneers: An Event to Celebrate Women in Work – 10 December

6 Dec

WISE and Prospect are presenting Prospect Pioneers, a photography exhibition designed to celebrate the importance of female role models within STEM and related fields. While there has been significant advances for females in the workplace, there still remains a distinct gender segregation in certain industries. Prospect want to highlight the brilliant examples of women working [...]

The First Rwanda Debate Camp to be held this December

25 Nov

The Central London Debate Society (LDS) has recently taken on the project of running Rwanda’s first Debate Club. It will send out four expert debaters to bring together over 200 students in Rwanda. It will offer ten days of intensive training in analysing issues and policies, and constructing and deconstructing argument. This initiative will empower Rwandan students to become civically engaged and will open up a wide range of new opportunities through international debating competitions and scholarships. It will also provide a framework for practicing and developing skills that will be essential for Rwanda’s future lawyers, civil servants and entrepreneurs as Rwanda aims to become a medium wealth country by 2020. At the end of the camp Rwanda will hold its first National Debating Championships. The competition will train staff in how to run and judge competitions so that they can prepare their students for international contests.

FCO International Organisations Careers Fair

22 Nov

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is hosting an International Organisations Careers Fair. This is an exciting opportunity to gain information first hand on working for an International Organisation, and using your skills and experience to tackle the most important global issues.

The Careers Fair will host around 50 exhibition stands from a range of international bodies, including UN organisations, International Financial Institutions and European Institutions. The fair offers an opportuntiy to learn about recruitment in these Organisations. They will also be holding focus/panel sessions throughout the day which will give further insight to the work they do, as well as the application process.