British Foreign Policy Group now seeking feedback and offers of support

20 Feb


British Foreign Policy Group now seeking feedback and offers of support after launch of the new report ‘Why a British Foreign Policy Group?’

New Flagship British Foreign Policy Group Report to Launch

18 Jan


This month will see the launch of a flagship report laying out why and how the British Foreign Policy Group will support a more informed and effective national engagement on foreign policy issues.

The Future of Diplomacy

1 Apr


New Tools for a New Global Order The international environment is changing rapidly as new technologies shape and enhance the engagement of both state and non-state actors. At the same time, the relative decline of US hegemony has driven instability and conflict, from which old geopolitical agendas have re-emerged.  Diplomats and Diplomatic Services, under ever […]

Public Service Excellence Post-2015

14 Mar


What Lies Ahead for Public Services: Public Service Excellence and Post-2015 Development Agenda In keeping with our focus this weekend on the Post-2015 agenda, another event worth reflecting on was the workshop ‘Public Service Excellence for the Post-2015 Development Agenda’ which brought together over 80 participants from 33 countries. Co-sponsored by the UNDP Global Centre […]

Notes from Singapore 1: Public Service Excellence Post-2015

13 Jan


    Reflections on the UNDP Public Service Excellence and the Post-2015 Development Agenda workshop in Singapore, 17-19 November 2014.   I’m keen to share some insights from an event I recently attended. I was invited to the UNDP Global Centre’s three day ‘Public Service Excellence and the Post-2015 Development Agenda’ workshop in Singapore to facilitate […]

Reflections on the WHS Roundtable

22 Nov


On November 12-13 Cat participated in a round-table discussion in the lead up for the World Humanitarian Summit of 2016 in Geneva. The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) is an initiative by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to improve humanitarian action. Through the two-year consultation process, the aim is to build a more inclusive and diverse humanitarian […]

MORAL DISARMAMENT – A DefenceSynergia Opinion Piece

21 Mar

Defence Synergia

Our guest blogger, Dave Tisdale, recently published this opinion piece on the DefenceSynergia website, and kindly allowed us to reproduce it here. DefenceSynergia is a defence & strategy research group that exposes the incoherence and weaknesses in the United Kingdom’s defence and security strategies. Read more about the organisation here. The Prime Minister (PM), David […]

FIRST IN LAST OUT – A Case for Government Joined Up Thinking

18 Nov


The motto of Tactical Supply Flight in Royal Air Force Germany in the early 1970’s was ‘First In – Last Out’. This small section of RAF supply personnel was formed to provide full logistic support to the 3 squadrons of Harrier jump jets based in Germany which, on exercise or in war, operated in the […]