Seeking ASAP Volunteer for UK Poverty Audit for the Elections – Apply Now!

19 Dec

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Inspired by ASAP Oceania’s successful Political Party Manifesto poverty audit of the Australian election in August 2013, ASAP UK is conducting a similar process for the UK General election in May 2015. We are looking for a Master’s or Ph.D. student to volunteer as Research and Coordination Assistant for the project, to begin work in […]

On the future of DFID and the ‘beyond aid’ agenda. A note from Alex Evans and Owen Barder

26 Sep

Alex Evans, Senior Fellow at the NYU Center on International Cooperation, and Owen Barder, development economist and Senior Fellow and Director for Europe at the Center for Global Development, submitted a paper to the UK Parliament’s International Development Select Committee last week, as written evidence to their current inquiry on the future of the Department for International Development (DFID) […]

Pakistan Calling: independent film-making and the power of narrative

16 Sep

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What does a street Pakistani child that collects garbage to survive think about terrorism? An online film project that targets the Pakistani diaspora wants to revive the interests in the country’s challenges by harnessing the power of alternative narrative and new media. And they are doing a great job so far!

Foresight, National Planning and the Post 2015 – Webinar 28 Aug 2014

2 Sep

A UNDP sponsored webinar on Foresight, National Planning and the Post 2015 took place on 28 August 2014. Cat introduced the webinar and provided context in a 15 minutes talk aimed at looking at role of foresight and national planning in post 2015 discussions.

New ASAP Delphi Study on Illicit Financial Flows Post-2015

3 Jun

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Academics Stand Against Poverty is conducting a Delphi study on the best way to tackle illicit financial flows through the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Illicit financial flows are international movements of funds illegally earned, transferred or utilized. Examples include the proceeds of crime and corruption and funds involved in tax avoidance and evasion schemes. […]

“Catching up in a Multipolar World” – Analysing Pakistan’s Economy

12 May


Mansoor Dailami is the Manager of the Emerging Global Trends Team of the Development Prospects Group at the World Bank. He is responsible for the monitoring and analysis of emerging global economic and financial trends that affect the prospects for developing countries’ growth, investment, and finance. Dailami has links with Cat in her capacity as […]

Pakistan Calling Present New Films at September Screening

16 Sep


The RSA’s (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) project, Pakistan Calling, has been growing in success since its inception earlier in 2013. Its development continues as new films are presented at recent film screening in early September to showcase the relations between the UK and Pakistan. Pakistan Calling provides a platform […]

Following the Aid Debate: Exploring Involve’s Reports on ‘Resetting the Aid Relationship’

27 May