Cat’s daily selection of top links FromOverHere #017

20 Oct

Here are today’s hot links on strategy and international affairs:

1. Another US plea for a ‘real national strategy’: this one suggests increasing engagement with Russia.  I am sympathetic to the calls for a clearer national strategic narrative – we have a similar conversation going on in the UK.  However, it cannot be an updated cold-war approach replacing one set of enemies and friends with another.  The world is too different – an effective strategic narrative needs to focus on maximising the nation’s strategic assets and identifying/building capabilities to respond to diffuse risks and opportunities.  It cannot be about focusing on particular nation-states or have fixed views on threats .

2. Another common theme of angst-ridden political discussions in the US and UK is ‘declinism’: see America’s biggest growth industry and Joshua Keating’s ‘decline watch’

3. Preparing for Tunisia’s elections on 23 October.

4. The lines between al-Qaida, Islamic extremism in Africa, and wider insecurity in the continent’s most populous nation, Nigeria, are converging.

5. For a little light relief, read this account of the prospects of Teflon Berlusconi


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