British Foreign Policy Group now seeking feedback and offers of support

20 Feb

January saw the launch of the first report from the British Foreign Policy Group (BFPG). The new report ‘Why a British Foreign Policy Group?’ sets out the challenges the UK faces in an increasingly volatile international environment at a time when traditional British tools of foreign policy engagement are far weaker than many assume. With taxpayers facing growing competition for scarce resources, a more effective national engagement is required on why foreign policy impacts every part of our lives, as well as a discussion on how to ensure British foreign policy reflects the needs of all our citizens across the UK, as well as Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

The report is available on their website, and the BFPG is now seeking feedback and offers of support amongst those who recognise the importance of their agenda. 

Now the report is published, the BFPG is developing a number of activities to achieve its objectives. There are two parts to these:

  • Activities to build a more effective national engagement on foreign policy issues, and;
  • Activities to support more practical  thinking regarding the UK’s future foreign policy priorities in the new global era we are entering.

More information on the above objectives will be available as progress continues. The BFPG are always seeking support and participation from groups and individuals who value the importance of their work. If you would like to know how you can help please do get in touch.

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