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New Involve Publication on Climate Change, Citizens and Open Local Government

5 Aug

‘Can You Hear Me? Climate Change, Citizens and Open Local Government’ Involve has released a study that looks at how local authorities are engaging with citizens on climate change, energy futures and sustainable living. It explores how an open government approach might lead to improved governance of these complex issues.

China’s corruption scandals, US-Israel relations and fighting in Libya | This Week’s Top Hot Links #132

1 Aug

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at Xi Jinping’s unprecedented anti-corruption campaign and how his adversaries’ fear might bring them closer together. We then keep looking at China and how the slow embrace of internet by Chinese business should make productivity soar. The links also analyse Israel mistrust on […]

Outcomes of the ISA Roundtable on Strategic Foresight in International Relations – Get Involved Now

24 May

At the International Studies Association 2014 annual conference in Toronto I organised a Roundtable entitled ‘Bridging the Gap: The Art and Practice of Strategic Foresight in International Relations’. About 45 of us discussed the role of Strategic Foresight in International Relations. We had a great mix of practitioners and academics, including, Antti Kaski, Rob Del, […]

My @Wikistrat Report Released: “The Bicentennial Woman”

10 Mar

The first 200-year old woman is coming – or maybe she is already here… With the 21st century promising to be the “century of biology”, one can plausibly conceive of a human – most logically a woman – finally breaking the 200-year age barrier. She will probably be born within the next century: indeed, some […]

Wanted – Your views on how Strategic Foresight should be integrated into the academic field of International Relations – for #futureday

28 Feb

Is the academic field of International Relations losing out because it doesn’t embrace foresight thinking? What can we do about this? If you have views and thoughts on this, read on and fill out the survey. This year, at the International Studies Association 2014 Conference, I am hosting a Roundtable on the use of strategic […]

Going Beyond Kristoff’s “Is Being Academic Being Irrelevant?” – The Example of Academics Stand Against Poverty

19 Feb

Nicholas Kristoff has stirred quite a controversy by critiquing in his NYT blog the (self)- isolation of US Academia from the policy community. My initial reaction is to agree with at least some of the conclusions he draws – especially about the rarified nature of political science. From a personal perspective, having attended the International […]

From the Israeli MFA – AWOL

13 Aug

There’s no real logical reason why, but the thought of diplomats on strike just seems a bit incongruous..The ongoing dispute between the Israeli MFA and Treasury seem to continue, with farcical results (US NIC officials being booted out of office meeting rooms, Kerry’s retinue not having sufficient visas for visit).

Teaching Strategy at Ranepa’s Summer Campus

12 Aug

Cat recently travelled to Russia to carry out a one-day training at Ranepa’s Summer Campus, which took place this year in Tatarstan between the 18-28 July. The event hosted 300 hundred students and provided lectures and workshops from top figures in government, business and society. Aimed at developing a new generation of leaders, it provided […]