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Seeking ASAP Volunteer for UK Poverty Audit for the Elections – Apply Now!

19 Dec

ASAP logo
ASAP logo

Inspired by ASAP Oceania’s successful Political Party Manifesto poverty audit of the Australian election in August 2013, ASAP UK is conducting a similar process for the UK General election in May 2015. We are looking for a Master’s or Ph.D. student to volunteer as Research and Coordination Assistant for the project, to begin work in […]

On Swiss contracts, shared economy, Russian Grand Strategy, Smart Women & Libyan Militias | This Week’s Top Hot Links #137

11 Dec

Another busy week is drawing to a close and our Top Hot Links are back to provide some food for thought. 1.1. Swiss news portal Le News debates whether the increase in short-term contracts may be hindering the professional capabilities of the United Nations Office in Geneva. Increasingly, it appears as though there is a […]

Job Opportunity with the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development

12 Nov


The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development are currently re-designing their website, which will be launched in early December, and are seeking to recruit a contractor who will further populate it with current and relevant content, compile a quarterly newsletter and circulation list in order to alert related organizations and stakeholders to FDSD activities and […]

Sovereignty is dead. Long live sovereignty.

22 Sep

What will be the narrative we tell about the past decade of UK devolution, the campaign leading up to the referendum and the past 24 hours since the “nays” carried the vote? How will we build on that chapter of our now history, to write the opening of the next chapter of our joint story?

The NHS Citizen Assembly has arrived

18 Sep

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.25.00
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.25.00

Today the NHS Citizen project will be holding the first NHS Citizen Assembly, where citizens and the NHS England Board will discuss important issues for the NHS. This is a great example of national scale deliberative engagement process, linked into a traditional decision-making process. Since the start of the process, NHS Citizen is exploring and […]

Hammering the final nail in the coffin of UK party-based “democracy”

17 Sep

I am pretty sad to miss the Thursday 18th Sept 2014 referendum on Scottish independence– regardless of the result, it is going to be a momentous event. If only to see how Whitehall and the UK political system has managed to turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear.

Quitting smoking: reflections three weeks in

15 Sep

It took me four years to get myself into the mindframe of giving up. Then when I decided to quit, it was almost overnight.

The business of charities is, in fact, political

4 Sep

New Minister for Civil Society Brook Newmark stated “that charities should “stick to their knitting” and keep out of politics. The new minister fails to see that one of the charity sector’s critical roles in society is as interlocutor and representative for those who are underrepresented or heard in the public debate. This is true […]