Accenture ‘Changing Lives’ Panel IWD2016

1 Apr

Cat was invited on the Accenture ‘Changing Lives’ panel for International Women’s Day (IWD) in March and described the event as ‘a great privilege’, ‘really inspiring’ with ‘an amazing set of speakers.’ Below is the transcribe from Cats speech at the panel.  

My work is with the future. I look at trends, disruptions, possible scenarios, and drivers that may shape the world in the next 5, 20, 50 years. But for me, the future is exciting because of its insights for us in the present. Here are three:

  • Our values have had a deep influence on the shape of our world today.  But when we look forward, we tend to forget that and instead to focus on material things like technology and economics.  But the values we create today – especially diversity, tolerance and equality – will profoundly shape our futures and our future resilience.
  • Talking about the future is in fact a deeply political and social act that is about transforming today.  So voice and participation from everyone in society – especially less heard voices – is critical.
  • Finally, the one thing we know about the future is that it holds uncertainty and volatility. To respond to the complex set of systemic challenges facing us, we need leaders who are open, collaborative, inclusive, networked and non-hierarchical.

So, really, I work with men and women in organisations who innovate today to transform our future.

Academics Stand Against Poverty and the Institute of Global Prosperity are looking at how failing to intervene now (for example on epigenetics) stores up problems for the future – especially on gender equality and empowering women.

There’s coalition of Middle Eastern women who are organising a conference so women’s voices and perspectives on Sectarianism are heard. Women’s Health and Family Services in East London, who support Bangladeshi and Somali women to advocate and self organise, building a Maternity Mates Doula service and addressing FGM at a community level. Women in Zimbabwe and Kosovo who are the principle change-makers in post conflict dialogue, creating a better future for themselves and their children.

The Sustainable Development Goals describe a better world in 2030, including equality for women. It is an inspiring vision. And we can achieve this transformation, we really can change lives, we can be greater together, by collaborating, sharing and scaling up our individual actions.’



Follow this link for more information and the Q&A with Cat from the panel.

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