Academics Stand Against Poverty Seeks Contributo​rs to Impact: Global Poverty

12 Apr

ASAP are currently looking for volunteers to contribute articles and ideas for their project, Impact: Global Poverty. Promoting direct positive impact on aspects of global poverty is at the core of the ASAP mission and Impact: Global Poverty is aimed at sharing information and best practices from academic efforts at influencing poverty policy, development practice and civil-society efforts.  The project features online articles, interviews and practical pieces on promoting impact. One such example is Fred Carden, a Canadian research-evaluation director who led a study focused on poverty policy impact in 23 developing countries.  Read more about Impact: Global Poverty here.

You can contribute by:

1. Nominating academics to be profiled in Impact Stories, an ongoing feature on researchers and teachers whose work has informed and influenced policy, practice or civil society efforts on aspects of poverty and related issues. Please send nominations to Luis Cabrera at

2. Writing a Q&A piece involving a colleague or researcher whose impact efforts you admire. These could be well established efforts or more recently launched ones. Or, write a narrative profile on their efforts for Impact Stories. First-person profiles are welcome, as are practical pieces offering advice about specific means of impact, public outreach, or education.

3. Contributing ideas about other ways in which Impact: Global Poverty could help share information, best practices and practical insights about promoting positive impact.

ASAP is welcoming all ideas and contributions. Please contact Luis Cabrera at




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