Vanguard Consulting are looking for local authority leaders to apply their approach

8 Jun


Vanguard Consulting do pretty interesting work in applying a systems approach to public service delivery.   And they’re looking for local government/housing associations to test some of their approaches.  Definitely worth getting involved if you fall into this category and want to try something innovative.

They have built a ‘do-it-yourself’ product, designed to help people in local authorities follow the Vanguard Method without help from a Vanguard expert. They have learned a lot from the DIY trials and in a couple of months we will have the next version ready.

To test the next version, they are looking for people in local authorities and housing organizations (only), that meet the following criteria:
– A group (minimum five people, no maximum) from within a core service (core = delivers a service to customers)
– The group must include someone with the authority to make changes to measures, roles, structure, reporting etc, i.e. complete operational responsibility
– The group must agree to work with the product to change their service (no taking it for interest, no maybes, only those who have a serious intent to change using the Vanguard Method)

If you meet the criteria and you’d like to be involved in this test (and, by the way, it is free), please contact Charlotte Pell: .


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