Roadmap to a sustainable future & Australia’s Grand Strategy | Cat’s daily selection of top links FromOverHere #71

29 May

The site’s been down for a week, so apologies.    This is last week’s links on strategy and international affairs:

1. Changing pace: the World Business Council for Sustainable Development has drawn out a feasible roadmap towards a sustainable future. plus positive Guardian review

2. Africa Jobs, Justice and Equity: “We should not confuse economic growth with economic transformation” the latest progress report looking into progress across the continent

3. The soft power of equal opportunity: though the nepotism/plutocracy displayed through recent events in China is an opportunity for democracies to emphasis their egalitarian credentials. But current trends of concentration of privilege in Western capitalism indicate we’re going in the opposite direction

4. Crafting a Global Rescue for Europe: Gordon Brown’s NYT article on establishing both the immediate crisis response and the longer-term opening up of the Asian market

5. Australia’s Strategy: a nice Stratfor piece from George Friedman on Australian Grand Strategy

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