The General’s Dystopia – security threats vs capabilities | Cat’s daily selection of top links FromOverHere #68

23 Apr

Here are today’s hot links on strategy and international affairs:

1. The next secretary of state? A profile of Susan Rice as the number two foreign policy woman in the United States. The gossip on 40th street is that unlike Hillary Clinton – the number one foreign policy woman – Rice has an abrasive approach which has made few friends at the UN, compromising her/US’ ability to influence

2. Pakistan’s Parliament shapes National Security: ‘The consensus recommendations …were derived from a mix of deliberate fudging of facts, wishful thinking and hackneyed foreign-policy formulations’. Ouch – though sounds somewhat familiar to the challenging process of getting highly domestically visible and public parliamentary engagement in the process of developing security strategies.  A critique of the substance, process and decisions of the first Parliamentary Committee on National Security

3. French presidential elections step 1: the key manifesto points of top French presidential hopefuls. Pretty much aligned on foreign policy substance (around Afghan withdrawal and using EU more effectively) and common theme of gloomy introspection and fear regarding France’s place in the world

4. The G20 IMF/World Bank talks: highlights of comments by finance ministers and central bankers at last week’s meetings; a critical view of the IMF’s decision to boost its firewall for the Euro; and the emerging economies – who stumped up a quarter of the additional credit – are getting frustrated with slow reforms both internally and by the Eurozone

5. The General’s dystopia: another installment of the ongoing debate regarding the changing nature of global threats and whether military capabilities are fit for purpose.  From the US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but equally relevant to many conversations in other countries

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