Cat’s daily selection of top links FromOverHere #015

18 Oct

Here are today’s hot links on strategy and international affairs:

1. The role of the military in China: succession, nationalism and media.

2. Making sense of the US- LRA Uganda story – I kind of agree with the concept that this is payback for the Ugandan army effort in Somalia, plus general desire to be seen to engage on high-reputational risk Great Lakes region.  No-one mentioning oil, though…?

3. Turkey and Somalia: a ‘big brother’ model of bilateral support?  Turkey moving into playing a bigger role in its neighbourhood.  Will the intervention of a major Islamic state create a breakthrough?  Or is it high-rhetoric and low-results?

4. Two books I want to read: Water wars in Asia (in particular the impact on China and India relationship) and UK Junior Minister’s views on tension between ethical and realpolitik foreign policy using his experience on Kosovo.

5. Riding the K-wave : developing South Korea’s cultural diplomatic strategy.

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