Cat’s daily selection of top links FromOverHere #008

29 Sep

Here are today’s hot links on strategy and international affairs:

1.  A review of the principle US national security documents:  I’ve only dipped into this so far and still need to read it properly, but appears to be a useful analysis of the US’ NSS, QDR, QDDR, Nato 2020, NP and BM reports.

2. SWFs unlikely to play white knight to the Euro: their investment strategies likely to emphasise investments in infrastructure and property over shares.  This may have significant implications for ownership of large national assets and the real estate market – but most importantly Euro banks may not face interest

3. Guns, butter and global stability: debate on US right on whether US defence cuts means American decline  – in response to Reihan’s blog posting, itself responding to Kristol’s blog.

4. Australia reviews Asian links: Gillard commissions a new white paper on Australia’s relations with Asia.  Is there a future in writing more white papers on Foreign policy issues in order to drive multidisciplinary and whole of government approaches?

5. Singapore global dialogue: Can there be an Asian response to the search for global governance and innovative solutions to the common challenges of humanity?

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