Cat’s daily selection of top links FromOverHere #007

28 Sep

Here are today’s hot links on strategy and international affairs:

1. ‘A Cloud of anger that expresses itself in Muslim terms’: fabulous CFR Audiocast from John Campbell, on escalation of Boko Harum activity and reaction from security services in Nigeria.

2. Don’t forget that Japan is a global player: a sense of dissatisfaction that the new Japanese government’s foreign policy is too limited in seeing its only strategic foreign policy relationship as being with the US.  Separately, the Japanese government continue with plans to establish a national security council.

3. Merkel’s challenges: Quentin Peel describes the difficulties facing the German Chancellor as a new Gallup poll indicates that Germans rate their lives worse than Americans or the British

4. A Global Agenda for Seven Billion:  Ban Ki-moon outlines his five priorities for his second term as UN General-Secretary.  A bit bla, but good to see that policies on women remains one of his priorities.

5. Will the Arab Springers get a Nobel prize?  GVO reports on online conversations on this topic.

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