Peace Attempts in the Middle East and Assessing the Theory of War |This Week’s Top Hot Links #126

17 Apr

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at the work Obama has ahead of him if he intends to forge a new relationship for the US with the East in his upcoming trip to Asia. The links also look at the theory of war, by calculating the moves and outcomes between Nato, Russia and the West. Next, we examine the New York Times article which calls for an end to failed peace talks brokered by the US between Israel and the Palestinians and for a move towards more pressing issues such as Ukraine. Finally, we look at the flaws in democracy and the impact election year can have on a democratic country – not all of it positive.

Human Rights in the EU and Peacekeeping in Darfur |This Week’s Top Hot Links #125

11 Apr

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs takes a look at the future of Indian politics as the elections approach, and studies the role Islam and religion in Russia’s intervention in Crimean affairs. It also looks at the likelihood of the peace process in the Middle East surviving after John Kerry’s recent attempts to establish a deal between Israel and the Palestinians appears to be sinking. Finally, this week we explore human rights in the EU and UN’s peacekeeping efforts in Darfur.

Making Law More Accessible: EU Launches Project

10 Apr

Today is the official starting date for the project, an EU Project funded by DG Justice. Openlaws will make legislation, case law and legal literature more accessible for citizens, businesses, legal experts and also public bodies and legal publishers. It aims to work with the public to add a social layer on top of existing legal information systems, intending to make it easier to work with others and to organize legal information. The project is built on open data, open innovation principles and open source software.

The project is currently in its initial starting phase, with a term of 24 months. At the moment it is offering a meta-search engine for legal content in Europe (based on N-Lex databases) and a legal App environment, and over the next few years it will be providing a variety of tools to further assist the public.