On water scarcity and future of urbanisation | This Week’s Top Hot Links #130

18 Jul

This week’s hot links on strategy and international affairs analyses the challenges posed by the threat of water scarcity to government and companies, and takes a look at the future largest cities in 2030. It also provide a critical assessment of Sino-American relations, and on how and why a conflict must be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, it looks at technologic innovation and its implication for the relations between labor and capital. Finally, it gives an outline of best practices and future challenges of cyber security.

CROP International Studies in Poverty Prize 2014

17 Jul

CROP, The Comparative Research Programme on Poverty hosted at the University of Bergen, is looking for original, high-quality, alternative and critical academic manuscripts for the CROP International Studies in Poverty Prize 2014.

Works challenging the dominant thinking and knowledge about poverty and providing sound contributions to the eradication and/or prevention of poverty in our world are especially welcomed. Poverty must be the central focus of the monograph. CROP is especially (but not exclusively) interested in the themes of Poverty and Human Rights, Gender Disparity, Policy Innovation, the MDG process, and Global Justice.

‘The Soul of Great Britain at the beginning of the 21st Century’ – NHJ June 2014 Article

14 Jul

This is a pivotal time in our history. On the global scale it is a time of great uncertainty and change. Science and modern developments point to extraordinary and wonderful opportunities, but there are flip side risks to some of these developments. Anyone who questions this point should read Al Gore’s latest book ‘The Future’. Whilst not everyone’s favourite, even as one Gore critic admiringly put it, it is a compelling read, and if only 20% turns out to be true…..

Zoom in on Great Britain and we find further layers of uncertainty and challenges. Will we remain a United Kingdom? Will we be a major player in Europe – in or out of what sort of European Union? Will our economic recovery turn into an enduring sustainable period of growth? Will we be at ease with our new 21st century identity both at home and abroad? How will changes in climate affect our villages and cities?